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  • Artifex Lohn- the art of converting your sketches and ideas in a professional way into the highest quality textile confection.

    The story of Artifex Lohn begins in 1969 when the establisher of the company graduated the Professional School Ucecom from Iasi, Romania with the qualification “Textile and leather clothing confectioner” and later on he followed the courses from Technology and Textile Chemistry University.


    Until 1989 he ran the factory of leather and fur products with an exclusive client who was part of the Romanian Diplomatic Corps. All the produced goods were of high quality and were competing with the British high end clothing manufacturers.


    After 1989 he was mainly a consultant for various start-ups in the textile and leather manufacturing area, having at the same time activity in different domains. Artifex Progression obtained in June of 2012 financial support for small and medium enterprises, and it was believed to be a fortunate moment to launch a factory for wholesale fashion production.


    We are in a period when big labels and brands are moving their clothing manufacturing activity from Asia to East Europe, due to the fact that the costs are low in Asia but the quality isn’t as good. Clothing manufacturing producers want mainly high quality, flexibility, adaptability to last minute changes and delivery time three times lower than any country in Asia.


    The long tradition of Romanian wholesale fashion

    production, gained experience and geographic

    positioning make us believe that there is a

    need of high quality of clothing

    manufacturers in the wholesale

    clothing production domain.