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  • Perfection

    We believe that perfection is the highest level of satisfaction that a client can receive and respecting all the requirements that he has without other adjustments being need later on to the final product. For us it is important to deliver products without flaws, so that the beneficiary is happy with the clothes manufactured in our wholesale fashion production factory.

  • Quality

    In our activity as clothing manufacturers quality and reaching the highest possible standards are essential to us. We continuously improve our working techniques in our wholesale fashion production factory because most of our clients are regional and international high end labels and brands with high expectations. Quality is the key element in our activity at the wholesale clothing production factory and the most valuable part of the clothes manufacturing process.

  • Promptitude

    Promptitude represents the fundamental element of Artifex Lohn, our objective being the finalization of orders in our wholesale clothing production factory before the deadline set with our clients.